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A full range of compostable products are available to take your childcare centre's sustainability to the next level.  Our products are crafted with minimum resources and more sustainable materials, providing immediate environmental benefits.  If your centre is in an area where there is a suitable organics collection service, with our products you can make your baby changes zero waste to landfill.  If organic recycling is not yet available in your area, you can still move to using our more sustainable products to improve your environmental footprint.  Once signed up and approved , email us at eenee@eenee.com.au to apply, you can easily order our products at wholesale prices and manage your orders on this site, pricing will be visible after logging in.


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Eenee Compostable uPads


36L Compostable Bin Liners (ctn 750 bags)

Compostable Wet Wipes (1,920 wipes in 2ctns x 12 pkts x 80 wipes)

Compostable Gloves (1 ctn x 24 x 100pk = 2,400 gloves)

" Since adopting the Eenee Nappy System our centre has been able to reduce our landfill waste dramatically without compromising on convenience or performance. "

Michelle, Director of Gaia's Nest Childcare Centre

Eenee has been creating exceptional solutions for babies, children & adults for over 25 years. Our patented nappy systems are a world first and unlike any other nappies, including those calling themselves "Eco" or "80% biodegradable".  We have spent over 25 years creating a truly sustainable system where the pads are suitable for 'recycling' through commercial composting and the belts and pants are 'reused' - not just thrown away.  We are working towards a circular economy not linear. Why? Click here to see. 

 Our Nappy System

Our revolutionary nappy system uses our specially developed biodegradable & compostable pad which contains no conventional oil based plastics. Through our patented two part system we have been able to minimise the components of each nappy for a more sustainable option without compromising on convenience or performance.

The compostable uPads are fastened onto the child with a reusable belt or inserted into a reusable pant. This means that our nappies can be composted rather than just thrown in the bin. Ordinary nappies and incontinence products use petrochemical based plastics - instead we use renewable starch based materials which are comfortable & breathable, & we have replaced the disposable plastic fasteners with reusable belts or pants. Which means we have made the first nappy to be endorsed by Compost Australia.



The Eenee System

  InnovativeNo CompromisesCaringTruly Sustainable


Move your nappy waste from landfill to soil conditioners today, the benefits are real and as dramatic as the differences in these two images.
Diverting waste from landfil